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Visit Romania with Neustadt Touring and discover everything that our beautiful country has to offer!


We are here to ensure that you have the most memorable experience discovering Romania.

Together we will visit the amazing Fortresses and Fortified Churches in  Transylvania, explore medieval towns like Brașov, Sighișoara or Sibiu, or discover the busy and bustling  capital Bucharest. 


What do we offer?

It is our desire to share our fascination for local culture and our homeland with you, provide you with a glimpse through our perspective, and share our passion for Transylvania with you.

We aim to present you with an attractive offer, bearing in mind your personal needs and interests. In the hope that each guided tour will be an exciting journey to discover a one of a kind country, we are wishing you a pleasant trip, and a warm welcome to Romania!


Enjoy the proverbial hospitality of the natives with our guided tours.


Be a part of the experience!


What do we offer?


We happily provide advice and suggestions to help you plan your ideal holiday in Romania.

A guide

You will have a professional and knowledgeable guide by your side to make sure you do not miss anything important.


Upon request we will make sure to offer a convenient and comfortable means of transport for your tour.


Discover this jewel of Transylvania with us! Our walking tour of Brasov takes you through the town’s narrow streets, where you’ll soak up the medieval atmosphere.


Together we will visit the most famous landmarks and uncover their story. Beginning with Brașov’s representative churches, like the Black Church and St. Nicholas Church, over to the Town’s Square, the Rope Street and the Tâmpa mountain – we will make sure you won’t miss out anything worth seeing!



Explore the picturesque surroundings of Brasov through our guided tours!


We propose several themed day trips starting from Brasov.


For the culture-interested we offer the castle-tour: visit the former summer residence of the royal family, the Peles Castle, find out the true story of the quite notorious Bran Castle, or admire the peasant fortress of Râșnov.


For the heritage-interested we offer our heritage-tour: visit the fortified churches in the vicinity of Brasov. Wether it’s the UNESCO heritage site Prejmer/Tartlau or the fortified church of Hărman/Honigberg, or less known gems like the fortified churches in Cristian/Neustadt or Vulcan/Wolkendorf, find out the story of the Saxons with us.


For those who prefer nature we offer a day trip for visiting the bear sanctuary near Zarnesti and discovering traditional mountain villages near the Piatra Craiului mountain range.




Discover the unique and very well preserved heritage of the Transylvanian Saxons!


Our tour will allow you to find out the history of the largest German ethnical group in Eastern Europe – and what better way of doing this than exploring the element at the very heart of their existence and culture: the fortified churches of Transylvania.


Admire the rural and robust fortified church of Viscri/Deutschweisskirch, explore the numerous chambers of the fortified church of Prejmer/Tartlau, or discover surprising treasures like the “matrimonial prison” in the fortified church of Biertan/Birthälm.



Our Team

– We are happy to assist you while you are planning your tailor made visit to Romania –

Irena Cioconea

Irena Cioconea

Tour Guide & Manager

Maria Cioconea

Commercial Manager

Our Story…


Growing up in Brasov, one of the most popular areas in Romania regarding tourism, we have been exposed to tourism from early on and we have always been interested in how, and why people choose to travel, what makes a place more appealing than another one and how to integrate local culture with leisure.

Moreover, originating from a multicultural background, we appreciate the value of intercultural communication in creating international connections and relationships.


Why Transylvania?


Hospitality is sacred in Romania, and being hospitable is embedded in the local mindset. On a personal level this translates into the desire to offer a warm welcome, provide information, help guests and visitors immerse in the local culture, reveal the treasures of tradition, architecture and landscapes – in short, create a memorable experience.


Why us?


We firmly believe that a person involved in tourism activities can be considered an “ambassador” of his own country and is responsible for the image he or she creates. From this point of view, we feel that Romania is often misrepresented or misperceived abroad and our long-term aspiration is to change this state of things within the boundaries of our abilities in order to impact the local community positively.



Get in touch!



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